The Importance of Essay Writing in The US Education System

Writing essays is an important component of the US education system. Almost any course includes essay writing on specific topics related to the course work. Moreover, admissions to graduate schools and colleges in the US require essays as a part of the application process. So whether it is writing academic essays for course work or application essays, it is important to learn and practice the art and skills of essay writing.

Academic Essays

Essay writing is a crucial element of academic curriculum and occupies a greater part of classroom and home assignments. It is an effective way to test the student’s level of understanding and expertise of the subject. Besides, it is a good way to evaluate student’s writing skills and presentation of arguments. Essay writing also entails the important skills of research and analysis. Academic essays fall into various genres and may be descriptive, narrative, expository, persuasive or argumentative. Students generally have to be acquainted with varied essay writing styles at various academic levels. After identifying the topic of the essay, it is useful to write an outline to organize your ideas. It helps to follow the prescribed format of the essay that includes an Introduction, Body and Conclusion.

College Admission Essays

The main aim of a college admission essay is to catch the attention of the admission committee. The essay has to be written with precision, and showcases your skills and qualities. In addition to test scores and grades, the essay helps the committee to understand you better and whether you are suitable for the specific course and college. The college admission essay is a vital part of the application process and will remain so. There may be no fixed topics for writing a college admission essay but in general the topics may be targeted to show your academic interests, past achievements, strengths, career goals or reasons for applying to the specific course or college. Some open-ended topics may aim to test your creativity and practical thinking. It would be helpful to read sample essays and write on specific topics that helped you to grow and develop or influenced you in a big way.

Graduate School Admission Essays

Students generally have to write specific responses to the prompts furnished on the applications. It is important to write an effective personal statement as a part of the essay. It should give an insight about your background, experiences and preparation that have influenced your career goals. The first step would be to gather the necessary information about yourself and assess it critically so that you can prioritise the interests that support your goals. It helps to know in detail about the graduate program you are applying for and write about how your interests match with what is being offered by the program. All the skills and knowledge that you’ve acquired about writing academic essays can be used here. The argument that you present in the introductory paragraph relates to writing about your capabilities for graduate study. The supporting paragraphs relate to your experiences that have shaped your career choices.

An essay gives you the opportunity to express your views on a specific prompt. There is no place for any factual or grammatical mistakes in your writing. The final step for all essay writing would be proofreading and editing so that your text is free from any spelling, grammatical, or syntax errors.

As you see, the importance of essay writing for the education system is unquestionable. And despite the controversy among academics, essay is still the primary method of evaluating the writing skills.

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